A simple, fruity, refreshing, inexpensive red wine from the Beaujolais region of southern France. Made from the finicky Gamay grape varietal, Beaujolais nouveau is released throughout the world on the third Thursday of each November—a mere six weeks after it was made—to be immediately consumed by millions of anticipating wine lovers. The annual appearance of Beaujolais nouveau is an international symbol of the year's first wine release and cause for a simultaneous worldwide celebration. It's also an indication of the quality of the forthcoming vintage from the entire Burgundy region. The tradition of drinking Beaujolais nouveau immediately upon its release dates back four and a half centuries; in 1951, the tradition was codified into law. As red wines go, Beaujolais Nouveau is about as close to white wine as can be. It is intensely fruity and has a perfumy aroma, raspberry and cherry flavors, and little tannic astringency.