Blending is the art of mixing or "marrying" two or more elements, including different varietals, vineyards, appellations, or vintages, to create a single, superior wine. It's like your dad concocting his own barbecue sauce in the kitchen, adding a dash of this and a cup of that until he feels it just couldn't get any better. Almost all wine is blended, from the best Chardonnay to the jug wine at the supermarket. The winemaker earns his or her money and reputation by deciding which combination of varietals, vintages, vineyards, appellations, styles, and numerous other factors will blend together to make the best wine possible. For example, one of the most classic blends is mixing Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes (among others) to make a Bordeaux. Even most Champagnes are made from two or more vintages. Besides taste, profit margins are another reason for blending: dilute some excellent Sauvignon Blanc with some poor Sauvignon Blanc and you have a whole lot of passable Sauvignon Blanc.