This is an easy one: If the wine smells or tastes like fruit, it's considered fruity. Raspberry, strawberry, boysenberry, blackberry, gooseberry, loganberry, blueberry, mulberry, prune, pear, peach, pineapple, apple, apricot, black currant, fig, cherry, and plum are among the many fruity aromas that are typically present in wines. What is more complicated is why a wine has fruity aromas, since the only fruit that's actually present is grape. It's an amazing process, really: As grape juice ferments into wine, a complex interaction occurs between the wine's alcohol and organic acids, which in turn creates compounds that imitate the aromas and flavors of other fruits. For the record, a really fruity wine is called meaty, a really really fruity wine is called fleshy, and a really really really fruity wine is called fat.