This famous pink-skinned grape produces some of the most aromatic, pungent, and full-bodied white wines in the world. The best Gewü̈rztraminer comes from Alsace, France, where it's made in a dry style with deep golden color, an exotic scent of flowers (particularly rosés), and the flavor of lychee. Gewü̈rztraminer is typically a soft wine with high alcohol and extract levels. Its only shortcoming is the varietal's low acidity level, which tends to leave a heavy feel on the palate and a short, abrupt, almost bitter finish. Gewü̈rztraminer can also be made into an intense, lush late-harvest wine such as the Vendage Tardives of Alsace. Some great examples of Gewurztraminer are also found in the New World, particularly in the cool climates of New Zealand, Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest. FYI, "Gewü̈rz" is German for "spicy."