Né́gociant is a French term for a wine merchant, wine broker, or shipper who buys and sells wine, usually under his or her own name. It's a common practice throughout Burgundy: the négociant will buy cuvées from various vineyards and estates within the same appellation, then blend and bottle it. A few né́gociants simply purchase bottled wine, slap on their label, and ship it, but this is rare. Increasingly, né́gociants such as Louis Jadot are purchasing their own vineyards, which blurs the distinction between né́gociant and vigneron ("winemaker") [VEEN-yay-RON]. You're most likely to see a né́gociant label on a bottle of Beaujolais, almost all of which is sold by well-known né́gociants such as Louis Jadot and Georges Duboeuf. FYI, California's first true négociant was Bruno Benzinger, who developed the hugely popular Glen Ellen varietal wines.