Pinot Meunier is the primary red grape planted in France's Champagne region and one of only three grapes varietals—the others being Pinot Noir and Chardonnay—used to make Champagne. Oddly enough, even though Pinot Meunier gets the least press coverage, it's actually the most widely planted varietal in Champagne, covering more than 40% of the region's vineyards. Its popularity stems from its ability to thrive in cold weather, as well as its capacity to add both fruitiness and acidity to the blend; it's a fine complement to Pinot Noir's weightiness and Chardonnay's finesse. Pinot Meunier is also grown in Australia, where it's used to make a 100% Meunier still wine, and in Germany, where it's known as Mü̈llerrebe.