This Northern Rhône white varietal is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in California. Unfortunately, little of it is grown since it is such a poor yielder and quite prone to disease. Supply and demand being what it is, expect to pay top dollar to enjoy this wine's enticingly soft texture, fruity flavor, and distinctive scent of dried peaches and apricots. Viognier is most famous as the sole varietal in Condrieu, made in the Northern Rhône appellation of the same name. A close second is the Northern Rhône wine Château Grillet, which is also based on Viognier. In general, wines made from Viognier are medium- to medium-full-bodied and pale-light green to gold in color. They are also some of the most aromatic and elusively perfumed wines on the planet. The acidity is moderate to moderate-low and the alcohol level can be quite high. The wine has a rich, oily, almost unctuous character and a medium-short finish; the influence of oak in Viognier is typically not a factor. Although the finest Viognier wines can last and improve for decades, most are at their best within the first three years.