In wine, the Beauty said the Latins

Today they talk about us and our cosmetics line on Wine News

The popular Wine News magazine talks about our DIVīNE cosmetics line and how its production respects the Ischian wine tradition handed down by the Greeks of Euboea, but with a strong eco-friendliness....

15 December 2021


2 July 2021

Leninfe: the new wine from Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra gives birth to another creature.

Leninfe comes from a careful selection of grapes by Andrea and Sara D'Ambra. Of great charm, character and elegance, a young and unconventional white wine, which can be appreciated by both experts and non-experts, it does not like great technicalities and superstructures but...

30 March 2021

I Faccini della Guida Essenziale 2021: 96/100 per il nostro Vigna dei Mille Anni 2016

Grazie Daniele Cernilli, in arte Doctor Wine.

Daniele Cernilli, in arte Doctor Wine, assegna 96/100 al nostro "Vigna dei Mille Anni 2016".   La Vigna dei Mille Anni è un vino rosso ischitano che viene fuori dalla volontà ostinata dell’enologo Andrea D’Ambra e dell’amore sconfinato pe...

3 December 2020

Heroes of viticulture: Casa D'Ambra winery in Ischia

The tradition of making wine in Ischia

An island within an island, suggestive and fascinating, this is the Tenuta Frassitelli, from the height of its 600 metres. The Ischia of "as we were", where the sea, the parracine and the wind are the protagonists of a unique and precious territory. Where man has not created...

14 October 2020

Presentazione Frassitelli Pietra Martone

Degustazione enogastronomica con lo Chef stellato Nino Di Costanzo.’isola nell’isola, suggestiva e affascinante, incastonata a 600 metri a picco sul mare, questa è la Tenuta Frassitelli. Luigi Veronelli e...

12 June 2019