The whole production of Casa D'Ambra's wines, from the cultivation of the vineyard to bottling, is followed by enologist Andrea D'Ambra, the current owner.

Casa D'Ambra produces 500 thousand bottles per year obtained from the main autochthonous grapes of the island. The production is 80% of white and 20% of red and is based on autochthonous grapes Since some years Casa D'Ambra purchases grapes from the mainland, Falanghina and Aglianico for the production of the two homonymous IGT Campania. Our whites are fresh, delicate, dry and mineral, vinified exclusively in steel tanks. They are not wines suitable only for ready to drink: their acidity allows them an excellent aging in bottle, therefore an evolution of aromas over the years. Even red wines are characterized by the authenticity of the island's varieties from which we can obtain light red wines or even more structured ones suitable for every kind of meal. The vinification process involves the contact of must with skins during the alcoholic fermentation which takes place in steel tanks. Maceration can be short or long according to the type of wine. Only two wines are aged in oak casks.

The winemaking is based on the choice of healthy grapes, selected and treated only with natural products - sulfur and copper. It therefore respects the characteristics of the grapes that give mineral, sapid, fresh and delicate wines, just as the territory wants them. The grapes arrive in the cellar in perforated boxes of 20 Kg maximum. Wine is more and more often chosen according to its history, to the history of the territory where it is produced, to the reliability of the winery, requirements that Casa D'Ambra, with its enological history, has all. Moreover, it definitely meets the tastes of people who, tired of drinking wines having too much aromas and full flavors, are looking for softer flavors and a delicate and not too high alcohol by volume. The current wine making and aging processes have contributed to exalt the two characteristics of D'Ambra wines: the delicacy of aromas and the taste which has always been defined as "almondy".

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