The Farmer's Museum

Unguided visit to the Farmer's Museum, discover the old winemaking techniques, the history of wine and the ancient tools and machinery that were used to make wine on Ischia.

D'AMBRA VINI · Casa D'Ambra - Il Museo del Contadino - audio guide EN

Immersed in the history of our land

The Peasant Museum of Casa D'Ambra was born with the aim of safeguarding and
preserve what has been the true soul of the people of Ischia. The tour allows visitors to get to know the historical and geological aspects of the island
of Ischia, the history and traditions of vine and wine, which are inextricably linked to that of Ischia. indissolubly to that of Casa D'Ambra.

Price: free

farmer's museum and free non-guided tasting of 2 glasses during the opening hours of the winery

max number of people: 7

period: from July to September

type of visit: unguided

Book two days in advance